In step with the demands of students across the nation in 1969, the Department of Africana Studies and Research Institute was established at Queens College in 1973. The Department,  under the leadership of Political Scientist Dr. Wentworth Ofuatey Kodjoe, established itself as an inter-disciplinary multi-methodological academic and community learning space.  The Africana Studies Department presented students with courses in History, Sociology, Political Science, Anthropology, Psychology, the Arts and Humanities toward broadening their understanding of the lives, contributions, and communities of African and African descended people across the globe. 

Today, the Africana Studies Program at Queens College seeks to extend the tradition and scope of its founder through course offerings that critically and systematically examine the cultures, histories, and experiences of Black people worldwide.    Our multi-disciplinary program encourages students to engage in courses in  Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, and Psychology as well as  Art, Music, History, Language and Linguistics, Women, Sexuality and Gender Studies  and Literature and Philosophy. Using the tools from the various disciplines, students strengthen their critical thinking skills and find myriad field and real-life applications toward a greater understanding of the African Continent, the Afro-Latin American world and the Caribbean.    

Our Logo

In celebration of Africana Studies’ 50th year at Queens College we have adopted the original logo design you see below. In the background is our home on campus Delany Hall. The building, the first CUNY building to be named for an African American, was renamed in honor of QC Associate Professor of Educational Psychology Dr. Lloyd Delany. Dr. Delany who was an academic activist who was appointed the first African American Director of the SEEK Program at Queens College. His appointment came on the heels of the 1969 QC student protest. Amongst their demands was the inclusion of Black history in the College’s curriculum. Africana Studies stands today as a testament to their efforts and the pioneering work of both Drs. Delany and Kodjoe. Our 50th Anniversary Logo celebrates their joint efforts to secure a safe space and place for all students who seek inclusive pedagogies to strengthen their academic experiences.

Africana Studies 50th Anniversary Logo

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